Top 12 tips on online dating blunders to avoid

Top 12 tips on online dating blunders to avoid

The world has changed a lot in a short amount of time. We’re not just doing browsing and shopping online; we are also looking for love. In fact, the internet dating sector currently generates roughly $1.25 billion in yearly revenue. However, because it is such a new occurrence, there is a steep learning curve. Make sure you approach that possible perfect companion the appropriate manner before you reach out. By avoiding any blunders, you’ll have a higher chance of initiating contact, landing a date, and hopefully falling in love. Continue reading to learn how to avoid some of the most common online dating blunders.

online dating blunders to avoid

These are the 12 online dating blunders to avoid


Paid Memberships Should Be Considered Over Free Websites

Going with a free dating site like Plenty of Fish rather than paying for a subscription with Match may seem like a no-brainer, but members of commercial websites are often more serious about finding a relationship. Your results aren’t assured either way, but if you don’t consider paying a few cash for a short-term subscription, you could end up wasting a lot of time.

In your search, cast a wide net

Rather than looking for reasons not to communicate with others, try to think of things that do. Contact anyone with whom you may have common interests and see where it leads. Loosen up a little if you’ve never been drawn to brunettes. Give it a go if you believe you’d never date a sports enthusiast. You never know what kind of person you’ll fall for online, and the substance of online profiles is limited by nature, so send messages to people the machine may not have automatically matched you with, and you might just be surprised.

Take the time to read each member’s profile thoroughly

People put a lot of thought and effort into their profiles, so do yourself a favor and read them. Don’t make contact if you’re not inside someone’s age or geographical range. If you’re a cat lover and someone’s profile appeals to you, don’t contact them if they’re allergic to cats. While properly reading online dating profiles may take some time, it will make your search for the perfect someone much more efficient in the long run.

Don’t Share Your Best Picture

People don’t always look like they do in their greatest images. If you do, that’s fantastic. If you’re like the rest of us, however, posting your greatest one will just set you up for failure. Instead, publish regular, daily shots of yourself, avoiding any photos where the light catches you just right and gives you that (unrealistic) movie star look.

Create a one-of-a-kind first message

Don’t just create a generic introduction and send it to every prospect. Instead, develop a sense of how you want to present yourself and comment on something unique related to the person’s profile details. Mention if you work in a related industry. If you share a shared interest, use it to break the ice. Many users are able to recognize generic communications quickly and will not respond to them. Most essential, your initial communication should not be something as simple as “Hello.” It’s not difficult to come up with a more interesting introduction than that.

Be Careful What You Say and Who You Say It

To Don’t assume that users on a dating service don’t communicate with one another. You can get caught dead in your tracks if you tell one person how much of a party animal you are while pretending to be a homebody to entice another.

Get to the point as soon as possible

Don’t get caught up in long email threads or pointless texts that stretch on for days. Request to speak on the phone after a few electronic texts. Request a date after a few quick discussions. It takes time to find a compatible companion, therefore it’s critical to meet a prospect as soon as possible to determine if there’s a spark.

Be Honest About Your Motives

If all you want is to roll around in the hay, say so politely. If you’d rather be friends first before getting into a relationship, say so. There’s no need to disguise your motives; they’ll eventually be revealed.

If you don’t hear back from a match or get ghosted, don’t spam or try to reach out to them.

If you send an email to someone you believe is a wonderful match for you, don’t get too worked up if you don’t receive a response. Everyone is different, therefore if someone isn’t interested in you, simply move on to a new prospect.

Resist the temptation to get your hopes up.

It’s easy to think you’ve discovered “the one” based on a profile, but resist the impulse to get your hopes up until you meet in person. It’s at this point that the rubber meets the road. Setting high expectations for oneself ahead of time may be setting yourself up for failure. Take things one step at a time and be patient and cautious.

On a First Date, Don’t Go Overboard

Don’t dump a wad of cash on the first date if you get to the point of a personal meeting. Instead, keep things low-key and low-cost – as cliché as it may sound, there’s nothing wrong with meeting for a walk in the park or grabbing a cappuccino at Starbucks. If you make it a practice to spend a lot of money every time you get a date, your budget will suffer as a result.

Don’t forgo offline Dating

If you’re a busy professional, online dating is easy and, in some cases, free, and it’s a terrific way to meet people – but don’t forget to step out into the real world as well. Whether you believe it or not, not everyone is a member of an online dating service. Get more social at the gym, get more involved in your neighborhood, and hang out with your pals more often. You’ll have a better chance of finding that particular someone this way.


What are some of the blunders you’ve made when it comes to internet dating?